شما کدام ر ا انتخاب کر ده‌اید؟

داستانی معاصر و لی‌ متفاوت بر اساس کتابمقدس.



کتاب الکتر و نیکی‌ ر ایگان بر ای دانلود

چرا صبر کنید؟ بخشش خدا ر ا بپذیرید تا به فر

ز ندخو انده گی خد ا مبدل شو ید.


¿Qué ha Elegido Usted?

Una historia basada en la Biblia contemporánea con una diferencia.




¿Por qué esperar? Elija el perdón de Dios y conviértase en un hijo adoptivo de



What Have You Chosen?

A contemporary Bible based story with a difference.

Why wait? Choose God’s pardon now and become an
adopted child of God.




WHYC front cover 10-15I STARTED to read this booklet and found it was more interesting than I had expected! Everybody should want to read this, but sadly all too many have no interest in it whatsoever.

One of the most important decisions a person can make is the response to the question: ‘Where will I spend eternity?’

My choice, like James and Louise in this booklet, had to be a personal one made in this life. It was the most important decision I ever made, both for the life to come and also for this life, when I handed over the control of my life to the Lord Jesus Christ.

Following a fatal car accident James and Louise were faced with the question: ‘Which door do we go through?’ There was no choice available at that point – it had already been made! The Lord Jesus said: ‘I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life’. He gives purpose in life and makes it worthwhile. I say that because so many people think that being an active Christian means you are in the depths of dullness, unable to enjoy anything, fearing God might get after you with some sort of a whip.  No! Being a true Christian is a joy, and sharing Him with others is itself a wonderful experience.

This little book is very easy to read, simple in its statements, theologically accurate, and carefully sets out the alternatives. The individual is brought to the point of realising that after death comes the judgment, but also realising that the penalty has already been borne by a Saviour who came to give life in the future and joy for now. I commend this booklet as something that should be read widely and handed out to friend and foe alike!