شما کدام ر ا انتخاب کر ده‌اید؟

داستانی معاصر و لی‌ متفاوت بر اساس کتابمقدس.



کتاب الکتر و نیکی‌ ر ایگان بر ای دانلود

چرا صبر کنید؟ بخشش خدا ر ا بپذیرید تا به فر

ز ندخو انده گی خد ا مبدل شو ید.


¿Qué ha Elegido Usted?

Una historia basada en la Biblia contemporánea con una diferencia.




¿Por qué esperar? Elija el perdón de Dios y conviértase en un hijo adoptivo de



What Have You Chosen?

A contemporary Bible based story with a difference.

Why wait? Choose God’s pardon now and become an
adopted child of God.




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WHYC front cover 10-15

A contemporary Bible based story with a difference.
James and Louise thought they had it all. Great careers, dream house, luxurious car and regular overseas holidays.
In a few seconds all that was gone and so was their last opportunity to choose (although they didn’t know they had to choose, until it was too late).
They thought that if they had lived a good life and hurt no one God would let them into Heaven. After all God, was a God of love who would turn no-one away.
But they were wrong. Because as well as being a loving God, he is a holy, just God. Impure (unforgiven, sinful) people cannot enter or exist in his presence, and to make matters worse once they had died God was unable to make them pure. That was their choice to make before they died. If only they had chosen to accept his free pardon sooner, they could have become the adopted children of God in the present and the future. For James and Louise their story has a tragic ending.
You can read their experience and learn from it, so that you are not deceived and can make the right choice while there is still time.